Department of English and Applied Communication

Introduction and Program Characteristics

The Department of English was established in August 1997, with the goal of providing students a solid training in the English language, a well-rounded education in Anglo-American literature, and an introduction to Western humanities. The Department adheres to a policy of small group instruction, which enhances the effectiveness of both teaching and learning through interaction.

In August 2021, to keep up with the rapid development of high tech and mass media, the Department has transformed into the Department of English and Applied Communication. Two goals propelled this fusion of applied communication with literature and language courses. First, faculty members want to train students become familiar with new media and mass media. Second, faculty members want to help students become more competitive in their future careers.

Extracurricular activities include lectures by renowned scholars and eminent personalities in their fields, and the organization of study groups in the pursuit of other areas in the humanities. Meanwhile, the Language Center provides a congenial venue for language and cultural exchange with international students from English-speaking countries. Students can also expand their cultural experience at holiday celebrations organized by the Language Center, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. E-power, a newsletter published by the English Department Student Association, not only allows students to express opinions by writing editorials but also to hone their writing and editing skills.


Undergraduate Programs / Courses

The Department of English and Applied Communication has diverse curricula and an interactive style of teaching to enhance students listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. With an equal emphasis on theory and practice, the curriculum includes English and American literature, linguistics, spoken language training, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), English for specific purposes (ESP), translation theory, interpretation, multimedia translation, new media and cultural communication, inter-cultural communication, cross-cultural audiovisual management, English for short video projects, broadcast English, and English for international journalists, and core courses in English writing. These kernel courses help students to have a solid foundation in English literature, practical English, and mass media English.

Department Goals / Careers


In response to demands of domestic industry and the needs of global corporations, the Department of English and Applied Communication aims to train students in specialized foreign language skills, to cultivate their humanistic qualities, and expand their media communication skills. Through curriculum planning, students are given as much exposure to English as possible, and the Department has been cooperating with other academic Departments on campus to promote the usage of English and applied media communication. Moreover, to achieve greater employability, students have the chance of obtaining internships with junior high schools, language schools, media communication companies, and trading companies. Internships, not only in Taiwan but also in other countries, can help students prepare for the global job markets. Graduates from the Department with their professional knowledge, proficiency language skills, and applied communication skills will become more competitive in their future careers and successful global citizens.