The Department of English was established in August 1997, with the goal of providing students with solid training in the English language and a well-rounded education in Anglo-American literature as well as in Western humanities. The Department adheres to a policy of small group instruction, which enhances the effectiveness of both teaching and learning.


Extracurricular activities include lectures by renowned scholars and eminent personalities in their fields, and the organization of study groups in the pursuit of other areas in the humanities. Meanwhile, the English Corner provides a congenial venue for language and cultural exchange with international students. Students can also expand their cultural experiences at holiday celebrations organized by the English Corner, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. E-power, a newsletter published by the English Department Student Association, not only allows students to express opinions by writing editorials but also to hone their writing and editing skills.


Undergraduate Programs / Example Courses

The department has a diverse curriculum, and an interactive style of teaching to enhance students listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating.  The curriculum includes English and American literature, linguistics, translation theory and interpretation.  Also, other professional subjects are available to choose as elective courses, should a student choose to improve a certain skill. Required courses include British and American literature, linguistics, spoken language training, and core courses in English writing.  These core courses help students to have more solid foundation in English.  As an elective, Classical English and American literature is offered to give students exposure to more English writing and linguistic styles.  Other electives include English teaching and practical English courses.  These electives allow students to have more exposure to practical, every-day English, more in line with contemporary English.


Graduate Programs / Example Courses

Master classes are three to five person classes, in order to enhance teaching effectiveness, and the curriculum integration of the weekly in-depth reading, discussion, and online real writing and real life experiences give graduate students exposure to multiple sources and styles of writing.  Graduate students are expected to have discussions with teachers, complete and edit several drafts of work, submit work free of errors and ready for publication.  Students’ work is often published in periodicals or newspapers including the Taipei Times, published in book form, and used as examples for other students to learn proper writing style.


Department Goals / Career

In response to domestic industry demand and globalization, the English Department aims to train students in specialized foreign language skills and to cultivate their humanistic qualities.  Through thorough curriculum planning, including British and American literature, linguistics, training in English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation-based courses.  In keeping with the goal to give students as much exposure to English as possible, the department has been cooperating with other departments on campus to promote the usage of English. Graduates can proceed into fields such as education, trade, communication, and information services such as career development. Experience during the required internship period (many students intern for agencies such as “Central News Agency”, private English teaching, or social work agencies) enhances their employability potential.  Graduates of this program have a much higher ability in both Chinese and English, and their skills are greatly sought after.